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Endless Anime

There is so much anime to discover that you may not hear about anywhere else. Not interested in one random selection? Roll the dice again and again until something catches your eye.

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Narrow down the results by selecting from your favorite streaming providers like Crunchyroll, HIDIVE, Hulu, Netflix, and more!

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If you see something you might want to check out later, save it to a watchlist and come back when you’re ready.

What is Randime?

Randime was created in 2018 when Crunchyroll started to roll out its UI overhaul, an update which phased out the equally beloved and despised "Random" button. The hosts of The AniMonday Podcast relied on this button to determine what to watch next, so they created their own randomizer.

With a small set of filters to tell Randime which streaming services you have access to, it is easy to generate one random anime after the other. If something looks interesting, save it to your watchlist or watch it right away! If not, press the button again and again.

Randime works thanks to the power of the Kitsu anime database and accompanying API.

How to Support Randime

If you want to support the development and ongoing costs of Randime, consider a donation through our Ko-fi page! Any small one-time donation or $5 membership helps us keep the service running and reduce the need for intrusive ads.

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